Lux Rehearsing at Scar Studios 


Nick Grimshaw Presents ‘Lux’ @ Harper Adams.


Nick Grimshaw Presents - Lux - Harper Adams

We were lucky enough for a fan of my band 'Lux', to produce this for us.
I like it.

We were lucky enough for a fan of my band 'Lux', to produce this for us.

I like it.

Our Debut Single ‘Too Late to Fight’

Off our forthcoming EP. 

Download MP3 for Free HERE


Lux played in Brighton yesterday at the Prince Albert. Little episodes hosted a night providing poetry from Lucie Barat and Sadie Frost,  Followed by us and Carl Barat performing a musical showcase among others. A band called ‘The Agitator’ also played, at first they looked like a well rehearsed alternative band with a strong image, they had a decent level of the audiences attention.. until the lead singer decided to start telling disappointing jokes and spouting controversial political nonsense, which lead to a hefty amount of heckling and ‘boos’. They tanked. 

Apprently we’d called the M25’s mother a slut because it was certainly punishing us, taking us nearly four hours to get from london to brighton. I could have cycled it quicker. ‘Next service station 32 miles’ we read when the on board computer of the mini was telling us we had 12 miles left. Uh oh. Drove into a small town in search of petroleum, got started on by a group of chavs. Oh the adventures of lux..

2 and a half hours late for sound check, so when we graced the stage our levels left a lot to be desired. Though we got a brilliant reception all the same. We seemed to please.

Thanks to all who came and check out little episodes, rather a good cause.

China White 26th Aug - Lux

26th August -

An exclusive and rare chance to see lux play an intimate gig.

This is for a free guestlist to have your name on the door of China White at which there will be a £10 fee on the door. when you register your name here it will be put onto the door of chinawhite for the 26th. But hurry as there are a limited number of spaces.

Please arrive around 10pm, no later than 10:15.

As this is at China White it is an over 18 event.

Jesse is also celebrating his birthday that evening making it an even more special occasion.

It will be a full band gig, in an intimate setting.

There is quite a lot of buzz around lux at the moment so come and see them for yourself.

Look forward to seeing you there!